Altinity Stable for ClickHouse 21.8.10

Details of the Altinity Stable 21.8.10

Release notes for Altinity Stable 21.8.10

ClickHouse release 21.8.10 as compared to v21.8.8


Bug Fixes

  • Fix shutdown of AccessControlManager. Now there can’t be reloading of the configuration after AccessControlManager has been destroyed. This PR fixes the flaky test test_user_directories/ #29951 (Vitaly Baranov).
  • Allow using a materialized column as the sharding key in a distributed table even if insert_allow_materialized_columns=0:. #28637 (Vitaly Baranov).
  • FlatDictionary, HashedDictionary fix bytes_allocated calculation for nullable attributes. #30238 (Maksim Kita).
  • Dropped Memory database might reappear after server restart, it’s fixed (#29795). Also added force_remove_data_recursively_on_drop setting as a workaround for Directory not empty error when dropping Ordinary database (because it’s not possible to remove data leftovers manually in cloud environment). #30054 (tavplubix).
  • Fix crash of sample by tuple(), closes #30004. #30016 (Flynn).
  • Fix possible data-race between FileChecker and StorageLog/StorageStripeLog. #29959 (Azat Khuzhin).
  • Fix system tables recreation check (fails to detect changes in enum values). #29857 (Azat Khuzhin).
  • Avoid Timeout exceeded: elapsed 18446744073.709553 seconds error that might happen in extremely rare cases, presumably due to some bug in kernel. Fixes #29154. #29811 (tavplubix).
  • Fix bad cast in ATTACH TABLE ... FROM 'path' query when non-string literal is used instead of path. It may lead to reading of uninitialized memory. #29790 (alexey-milovidov).
  • Fix concurrent access to LowCardinality during GROUP BY (leads to SIGSEGV). #29782 (Azat Khuzhin).
  • Fixed incorrect behaviour of setting materialized_postgresql_tables_list at server restart. Found in #28529. #29686 (Kseniia Sumarokova).
  • Condition in filter predicate could be lost after push-down optimisation. #29625 (Nikolai Kochetov).
  • Fix rare segfault in ALTER MODIFY query when using incorrect table identifier in DEFAULT expression like x.y.z... Fixes #29184. #29573 (alesapin).
  • Fix bug in check pathStartsWith becuase there was bug with the usage of std::mismatch: The behavior is undefined if the second range is shorter than the first range.. #29531 (Kseniia Sumarokova).
  • In ODBC bridge add retries for error Invalid cursor state. It is a retriable error. Closes #29473. #29518 (Kseniia Sumarokova).
  • Fix possible Block structure mismatch for subqueries with pushed-down HAVING predicate. Fixes #29010. #29475 (Nikolai Kochetov).
  • Avoid deadlocks when reading and writting on JOIN Engine tables at the same time. #30187 (Raúl Marín).
  • Fix INSERT SELECT incorrectly fills MATERIALIZED column based of Nullable column. #30189 (Azat Khuzhin).
  • Fix null deference for GROUP BY WITH TOTALS HAVING (when the column from HAVING wasn’t selected). #29553 (Azat Khuzhin).
Last modified 2021.10.23