ClickHouse ODBC Connection for Microsoft Excel

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How to connect Microsoft Excel to a ClickHouse server through an ODBC connection.

Users who have completed the process in installing the official ClickHouse ODBC driver for Microsoft Windows can connect Microsoft Excel to a ClickHouse database.


The official ClickHouse ODBC driver must be installed before making a connection from Excel. For more information, see Clickhouse ODBC Driver Installation for Windows

Connection Steps

To connect Microsoft Excel to a ClickHouse server through the ClickHouse ODBC driver, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Microsoft Excel.

  2. Open a new or existing Workbook.

  3. Select Data -> Get Data -> From Other Sources -> From ODBC.

    Excel Connect to ODBC
  4. Select the ODBC connection created, then OK.

  5. Provide the username and password for the connect, then select Connect.

  6. If successful, the ClickHouse server with the databases and tables granted to the user will be displayed.

    Excel Display ClickHouse database
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