clickhouse-operator Quick Start Guide

Become familiar with the Kubernetes clickhouse-operator in the fewest steps.

If you’re running the clickhouse-operator for Kubernetes for the first time, or just want to get it up and running as quickly as possible, the Quick Start Guide is for you.


  • An operating system running Kubernetes and Docker, or a service providing support for them such as AWS.
  • A ClickHouse remote client such as clickhouse-client. Full instructions for installing ClickHouse can be found on the ClickHouse Installation page.


Install and Verify the clickhouse-operator.

First Clusters

Create your first ClickHouse Cluster

Zookeeper and Replicas

Install Zookeeper and Replicas

Persistent Storage

How to set up persistent storage for your ClickHouse Kubernetes cluster.


How to uninstall the clickhouse-operator and its namespace

Last modified 2021.12.08: Uninstall and minikube installation.