Basic Installation Guide

The simple method of installing the clickhouse-operator


The clickhouse-operator for Kubernetes has the following requirements:


To install the clickhouse-operator for Kubernetes:

  1. Deploy the clickhouse-operator from the manifest directly from GitHub. This insures the most current version is installed:

    kubectl apply -f
  2. The following will be displayed on a successful installation. For more information on the resources created in the installation, see clickhouse-operator Resources created created created
    serviceaccount/clickhouse-operator created created
    configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-files created
    configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-confd-files created
    configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-configd-files created
    configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-templatesd-files created
    configmap/etc-clickhouse-operator-usersd-files created
    deployment.apps/clickhouse-operator created
    service/clickhouse-operator-metrics created
  3. Verify the installation by running:

    kubectl get pods --namespace kube-system

    The following will be displayed on a successful installation, with your particular image:

    NAME                                     READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    clickhouse-operator-679d4bd556-dwwwg     2/2     Running   0          9m4s
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