Altinity Stable Build Guide for ClickHouse

How to build ClickHouse from Altinity Stable manually.

Organizations that prefer to build ClickHouse manually can use the Altinity Stable versions of ClickHouse directly from the source code.

Clone the Repo

Before using either the Docker or Direct build process, the Altinity Stable for ClickHouse must be downloaded from the Altinity Stable of ClickHouse repository, located at The following procedure is used to update the source code to the most current version. For more information on downloading a specific version of the source code, see the GitHub documentation.

Hardware Recommendations

ClickHouse can run on the most minimum hardware to full clusters. The following hardware requirements are recommended for building and running ClickHouse:

  • 16GB of RAM (32 GB recommende)
  • Multiple cores (4+)
  • 20-50 GB disk storage

Downloading Altinity Stable for ClickHouse

Before building ClickHouse, specify the verified version to download and build by specifying the Altinity Stable for ClickHouse tags. The `–recursive`` command will download all submodules part of the Altinity Stable project.

As of this writing, the most recent verified version is v21.8.10.19-altinitystable, so the download command to download that version of Altinity Stable into the folder AltinityStableClickHouse is:

  1. git clone --recursive -b v21.8.10.19-altinitystable --single-branch AltinityStableClickHouse.

Direct Build Instructions for Deb Based Linux

To build Altinity Stable for ClickHouse from the source code for Deb based Linux platforms:

  1. Install the prerequisites:

    sudo apt-get install git cmake python ninja-build
  2. Install clang-12.

    sudo apt install clang-12
  3. Create and enter the build directory within your AltinityStable directory.

    mkdir build && cd build
  4. Set the compile variables to clang-12 and initiate the ninja build.

    CC=clang-12 CXX=clang++-12 cmake .. -GNinja
  5. Provide the ninja command to build your own Altinity Stable for ClickHouse:

    ninja clickhouse
  6. Once complete, Altinity Stable for ClickHouse will be in the project’s programs folder, and can be run with the following commands:

    1. ClickHouse Server: clickhouse server
    2. ClickHouse Client: clickhouse client
Last modified 0001.01.01