Altinity Stable Builds

ClickHouse tested and verified for production use with 3 years of support.

ClickHouse, as an open source project, has multiple methods of installation. Altinity recommends either using Altinity Stable builds for ClickHouse, or community builds.

The Altinity Stable builds are releases with extended service of ClickHouse that undergo rigorous testing to verify they are secure and ready for production use. Altinity Stable Builds provide a secure, pre-compiled binary release of ClickHouse server and client with the following features:

  • The ClickHouse version release is ready for production use.
  • 100% open source and 100% compatible with ClickHouse community builds.
  • Provides Up to 3 years of support.
  • Validated against client libraries and visualization tools.
  • Tested for cloud use including Kubernetes.

For more information regarding the Altinity Stable builds, see Altinity Stable Builds for ClickHouse.

Altinity Stable Builds Life-Cycle Table

The following table lists Altinity Stable builds and their current status. Community builds of ClickHouse are no longer available after Community Support EOL. Contact us for build support beyond the Altinity Extend Support EOL.

Release Notes Build Status Latest Version Release Date Latest Update Support Duration Community Support End-of-Life* Altinity Extended Support End-of-Life**
22.3 Available 15 Jul 2022 15 Jul 2022 3 years 15 Mar 2023 15 Jul 2025
21.8 Available 11 Oct 2021 15 Apr 2022 3 years 31 Aug 2022 30 Aug 2024
21.3 Available 29 Jun 2021 10 Feb 2022 3 years
30 Mar 2022
31 Mar 2024
21.1 Available 24 Mar 2021 01 Jun 2022 2 years
30 Apr 2021
31 Jan 2023
20.8 Available Upon Request 02 Dec 2020 03 Feb 2021 2 years
31 Aug 2021
02 Dec 2022
20.3 Available Upon Request 24 Jun 2020 23 Sep 2020 2 years
31 Mar 2021
24 Jun 2022
  • *During Community Support bug fixes are automatically backported to community builds and picked up in refreshes of Altinity Stable builds.
  • **Altinity Extended Support covers P0-P1 bugs encountered by customers and critical security issues regardless of audience. Fixes are best effort and may not be possible in every circumstance. Altinity makes every effort to ensure a fix, workaround, or upgrade path for covered issues.

Altinity Stable Builds Install Guide

How to install the Altinity Stable Builds for ClickHouse

Monitoring Considerations

Monitoring Considerations

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