Launch New Cluster

How to launch a new ClickHouse Cluster from Altinity.Cloud.

Launching a new ClickHouse Cluster is incredibly easy, and only takes a few minutes. For those looking to create their first ClickHouse cluster with the minimal steps, see the Quick Start Guide. For complete details on Altinity.Cloud clusters settings, see Cluster Settings.

To launch a new ClickHouse cluster:

  1. From the Clusters View page, select Launch Cluster. This starts the Cluster Launch Wizard.

    Launch New Cluster
  2. Enter the desired values for Resources Configuration, High Availability Configuration, and Connection Configuration.

    1. Each section must be completed in its entirety before moving on to the next one.
  3. In the module Review & Launch, verify the settings are correct. When finished, select Launch.

Within a few minutes, the new cluster will be ready for your use and display that all health checks have been passed.

Last modified 0001.01.01