Cluster Health Check

How to quickly check your cluster’s health.

From the Clusters View, you can see the health status of your cluster and its nodes at a glance.

How to Check Node Health

The quick health check of your cluster’s nodes is displayed from the Clusters View. Next to the cluster name is a summary of your nodes’ statuses, indicating the total number of nodes and how many nodes are available.

View the Access Point

How to Check Cluster Health

The overall health of the cluster is shown in the Health row of the cluster summary, showing the number of health checks passed.

View the Access Point

Click checked passed to view a detailed view of the cluster’s health.

How to View a Cluster’s Health Checks

The cluster’s Health Check module displays the status of the following health checks:

  • Access point availability check
  • Distributed query check
  • Zookeeper availability check
  • Zookeeper contents check
  • Readonly replica check
  • Delayed inserts check

To view details on what queries are used to verify the health check, select the caret for each health check.

Cluster Health Details
Last modified 0001.01.01