Cluster Alerts

How to be notified about cluster issues

The Cluster Alerts module allows users to set up when they are notified for a set fo events. Alerts can either be a popup, displaying the alert when the user is logged into Altinity.Cloud, or email so they can receive an alert even when they are not logged into Altinty.Cloud.

To set which alerts you receive:

  1. From the Clusters view, select the cluster to for alerts.

  2. Select Alerts.

    Cluster Alerts
  3. Add the Email address to send alerts to.

  4. Select whether to receive a Popup or Email alert for the following events:

    1. ClickHouse Version Upgrade: Alert triggered when the version of ClickHouse that is installed in the cluster has a new update.
    2. Cluster Rescale: Alert triggered when the cluster is rescaled, such as new shards added.
    3. Cluster Stop: Alert triggered when some event has caused the cluster to stop running.
    4. Cluster Resume: Alert triggered when a cluster that was stopped has resumed operations.
Last modified 0001.01.01