Rescale Cluster

How to rescale an existing cluster.

The size and structure of the cluster may need to be altered after launching based on your organization’s needs. The following settings can be rescaled:

  • Number of Shards
  • Number of Replicas
  • Node Type
  • Node Storage
  • Number of Volumes
  • Apply to new nodes only: This setting will only effect nodes created from this point forward.

See Cluster Settings for more information.

How to Rescale a Cluster

To rescale a cluster:

  1. Select Actions for the cluster to rescale.

  2. Select Rescale.

  3. Set the new values of the cluster.

  4. Click OK to begin rescaling.

    Cluster Rescale

Depending on the size of the cluster, this may take several minutes.

Last modified 0001.01.01