General User Guide

Instructions on general use of Altinity.Cloud

Altinity.Cloud is made to be both convenient and powerful for ClickHouse users. Whether you’re a ClickHouse administrator or a developer, these are the concepts and procedures common to both.

How to Create an Account

Creating your Altinity.Cloud account.

How to Login

Login to Altinity.Cloud

How to Logout

Logout of Altinity.Cloud

Account Settings

Account and profile settings.


Notifications critical to your Altinity.Cloud account.


Managing billing for Altinity.Cloud.

System Status

View the status of Altinity.Cloud services.

Clusters View

Overview of the Clusters View

Uptime Schedule Settings

How to choose and set different cluster uptime schedules.

Cluster Explore Guide

How to explore a Cluster through queries, schema and processes

Last modified 0001.01.01